Professional development materials


Embedded formative assessment

Written by Siobhán Leahy, former head of Edmonton County School, Enfield, and Dylan Wiliam, Pack 1 and Pack 2 contain all schools and colleges need to run a professional development day, and 18 monthly follow-up workshops, together with video clips of formative assessment in action. These packs are now available for purchase worldwide, from Hawker-Brownlow in Australasia, from Learning Sciences International in North America, and from the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust everywhere else in the world.

Formative assessment videos

In this set of nine video presentations, Dylan Wiliam provides an introduction to the key issues of classroom formative assessment. The first three videos provide a brief overview of formative assessment and teacher learning communities:

1.Why we need to raise achievement (15:38 minutes)

2.What formative assessment is and isn’t (16:36 minutes)

3.Teacher Learning Communities (19:02 minutes)

The other six videos go into the issues discussed in the first three videos in more depth.

4.Formative assessment, what it is and what it’s not (17:35 minutes)

5.Engineering effective discussions, activities and classroom tasks that elicit evidence of learning (19:03 minutes)

6.Using an interpretive lens rather than an evaluative one (18:54 minutes)

7.Providing feedback that moves learning forward (14:57 minutes)

8.Activating students as owners of their own learning, and as learning resources for each other (16:19 minutes)

9.Leading Teacher Learning Communities (20:42 minutes)

Presentations 4 to 9 include a question or statement to prompt reflection and discussion among participants at a professional development meeting. The videos are accompanied by nine PowerPoint slide decks. To assist schools in maintaining professional development activities during the disruptions caused by Covid-19, we have decided to make the videos available free of charge worldwide on Dylan’s YouTube channel.