This 130-page pack, written by Alice Onion, Sue Burns, Jim Thorpe and Dylan Wiliam, was originally published in 1990 by Framework Press to help teachers introduce investigative and problem-solving into the teaching of mathematics in secondary school. The pack was re-published by Heinemann in 2000 but is now out of print (Amazon listing is here). While much of the material is now dated, there are many ideas that teachers will find useful in getting their students to think more deeply about mathematics. The copyright in the materials has now reverted to Alice Onion, but is made available under  an Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License from the Creative Commons, which means that they can be used for non-commercial purposes provided they are not modified, and the source is acknowledged.

Investigative and problem-solving approaches to mathematics

Introduction (1.6Mb); Chapter 1 (2.1Mb); Chapter 2 (1.2Mb); Chapter 3 (1.5Mb); Chapter 4 (1.1Mb); Chapter 5 (1.1Mb); Chapter 6 (0.6Mb); Chapter 7 (0.5Mb); Chapter 8 (1.0Mb); Chapter 9 (0.9Mb);

Student activities (4.9Mb); Appendices (0.3Mb).

Eight issues of the Journal of Mathematical Modelling for Teachers were published between 1978 and 1981. The journal was edited by David Burghes (Cranfield Institute of Technology) and Graham Read (Open University) and had, as its aim, “the study of applicable mathematics through the publication of articles related to the modelling process”. A distinctive feature of the journal was that much of the modelling discussed involved no more than high school mathematics. The journal was incorporated into the journal “Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications” in 1981, but much of the content of the journal is relevant to mathematics teachers today, so I have scanned the issues, and made them available here: Issue 1(1): 6.5Mb; Issue 1(2): 7.8Mb; Issue 2(1): 5.6Mb; Issue 2(2): 8.9Mb; Issue 3(1): 4.4Mb; Issue 3(2): 6.5Mb; Issue 4(1): 5.5Mb; Issue 4(2): 3.7Mb.

Journal of Mathematical Modelling for Teachers